Erasmus a Parma

First student mobilities Parma 7/13 maggio 2017


Sunday 7th  May

Arrive at train station and then little “welcome dinner” ( buffet) in Ferrari School with all the families and teachers


Monday 8th May

8- 10 Works in classrooms in Ferrari school

10, 30 – 11 Break with the snack made by 3^ classes

11.30 - 12.30 Little “welcome show” in the primary school ( Anna Frank)

Lunch in the canteen ( for the students and teachers)

14, 30 – 16, 30 Tour in the city centre (visit to the Cathedral and Baptistery) and ice cream together


Tuesday 9th May

9.00 Departure from school and visit to the Ham Museum (Museo del prosciutto) in Langhirano with Food-Education Laboratory

Visit to the Torrechiara castle

12.30 Lunch box

Orienteering in Torrechiara

16 Back to school


Wednesday 10th May

8.45 Visit to Farnese Theatre, Regio Theatre

11.30 meeting in the City Counsil with the mayor of Parma

Lunch in Anna Frank school canteen for students and teachers (9 students and 3 teachers)

And in Ferrari school canteen ( 9 students and 3 teachers)

15 -16.30 Group A: laboratory with food education experts – Group B: rehearsal with the musical course of the school


Thursday 11th May

8.30 Group A: musical show by our students in Corazza School – Group B: cook laboratory with a Chef

12.30 Lunch in Ferrari school canteen

14-15 Work with teachers

15-16 Theatre show in Anna Frank School

16.30 Snack all together (we will eat the snack cooked by students in the cook laboratory)


Friday 12th May

8.30 Visit to the Cheese factory (Parmesan cheese)

11,30-13 Activities in classrooms in Anna Frank school

13.30 Lunch in Anna Frank School canteen

14.30-15.30 Sport games in Anna Frank school

16 -16.30 Work with teachers

19.30  Goodbye dinner in a local restaurant ( buffet)